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Head Lice Checks

Head lice may be difficult to detect and unless you have had experience in finding and/or treating them in the past, are sometimes hard to identify.   Here are instructions if you’d like to try to check your child(ren) for head lice yourself.  Alternately, we are happy to perform a thorough head lice check in one of our facilities for between $10 and $25 per person (contingent upon the length of the hair and day of the week) or in your home for between $10 and $40 per person, in order to give you a definitive answer as to whether or not you or your child(ren) have a case of head lice. Increasingly, more and more people are coming to Elimilice for a complete head lice head check and the security of knowing, for sure, if head lice are present.

Our head checks are performed with a premier head lice comb on tangle free hair and include both a thorough combing and visual inspection of the hair.  A head check can take anywhere from 30 seconds (if evidence is obvious) to half an hour (if there is no evidence/on a long thick-haired individual.)  Approximately sixty-five percent (65%) of those individuals for whom we perform a head check do not have head lice.

We also see many individuals who have treated with over the counter products “just in case” or as a method to check if head lice exist. We urge you to please come in for a head check which is less costly, time consuming and risky than using one of those “kits.”

If a case of head lice is present, we will discuss treatment program options with you. When we find head lice on one family member, we strongly suggest that all family members be checked, as soon as possible, as lice are frequently found spread among entire families.

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