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Head Lice Treatment Program

Elimilice’s approach to head lice removal is truly comprehensive. We have performed treatments on babies who were not yet able to sit on their own, on grandmothers and grandfathers and every age in between. We are expert at making every member of the family comfortable, and this includes children who have difficulty sitting for long durations, children who may not like to have their hair combed or brushed and children and adults with other special needs.

Treatment visit:

The core of our  treatment plan, our complete head lice and nit removal is a multi-step process that begins with our safe, nontoxic products, is followed by a thorough combing with a premier head lice comb and concluded by a visual inspection of the entire head of hair to facilitate the manual removal of any remaining bugs or nits.

Only by removing any nits that remain on the hair shaft, a labor-intensive process that is best performed by a trained technician who knows what to look for, can head lice be effectively eliminated in one treatment visit. We are the only service in the Atlanta area that not only performs a thorough nit combing with non-toxic products but also engages in manual nit removal. Even the new generation of expensive prescriptions that rely solely on a hair rinse or lotion can leave live nits on the hair shaft, and this could result in yet another active case of head lice within a few short weeks.


We perform the head lice removal at our specially-outfitted facilities where you will find enhanced lighting, proper treatment seating and equipment, targeted product availability and a full team of experienced head lice elimination technicians. Alternately, we can and will travel to you for complete head lice removal in one visit. In either case, it is our goal to remove all the lice and nits effectively and as quickly as possible, keeping your comfort in mind at all times.

During the treatment visit, all evidence of head lice is completely removed.  In facility, an average female treatment is 2 to 2 ½ hours and an average male treatment is 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Every in facility treatment also includes a quality control inspection during that first visit.  In home, contingent upon the lighting and other variables, an average female treatment is 2 to 3 hours and an average male treatment is 1 to 2 hours.

Post treatment, you will be provided with a treatment clearance letter and even those children who attend a school with a no nit policy may return without delay.

Follow-up visit:follow up head check by Elimilice

Every treatment program includes an in facility follow-up head check (i.e. follow-up head check visits for both in facility and in home treatments occur in one of Elimilice’s facilities).  These appointments are generally scheduled at mid/late afternoon so children do not need to miss any additional time from school.  During the follow-up head check (2 – 7 days post treatment), we perform a thorough combing and inspection to ensure there has been no further exposure to head lice and that absolutely no evidence exists. There is no charge for this visit and it takes approximately fifteen to 30 minutes.

Pricing is here and please feel free to contact us for more information.

Education and home/self-treating:

It is truly our goal to help to educate you about head lice and to assist you in attempting to prevent future infestations. When we treat for head lice, we will provide you simple written guidelines on what to do in your home and car as well as easy techniques for head lice prevention. During the treatment and follow-up visits, we will also answer any questions you may have, and treatment clients may also contact us at any time, post treatment to answer questions.

If you have decided you would like to treat yourself or your children on your own, please feel free to contact us for advice on methods and products that will render your efforts effective.