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How Elimilice is Different

  • We use only non-toxic products and manual methods to perform head checks and head lice removal.  We do not use messy olive oil or a “heated-air” device (which we consider to be completely unnecessary given our superior process).
  • We will not treat for head lice unless there is definitive evidence of the existence of such on a client’s head. In the presence of only minimal evidence, we will educate you on what needs to be done for the next two weeks but will not treat for head lice. We’re frequently asked to treat as a “precaution” but unless we have concluded that a treatment is necessary, we will not do so.
  • Although we are concerned for our client’s complete comfort, we do not take any shortcuts to reduce treatment times.
  • Most professional head lice companies will comb with a lice comb designed for this purpose – to remove the head lice. Some may even make a cursory inspection of the hair and remove some obvious nits and casings. Elimilice is the only service in the greater-Atlanta and Athens areas that starts with a complete head lice combing but then painstakingly manually nit picks, in order to ensure all evidence of head lice – lice, nymphs and nits are eliminated.  We have seen over and over that while combing and the proper products do enable the lion’s share of the head lice removal process to be facilitated, such IS NOT ENOUGH!  This is why we go the extra step, why it may take us longer than other services but why we’re known as Atlanta’s best head lice service.
  • Unlike some other head lice removal services, when you or your child(ren) undergo treatment with Elimilice, there is never a need for a pre-treatment, a second “retreatment” visit, and there is no need to continue to comb or apply products in between when Elimilice treats and performs a follow-up head check (although many parents do choose to comb periodically during this interim period just for their own peace of mind and we wholeheartedly support this and think it’s a great habit to begin for ongoing prevention.) You don’t buy any additional treatment products.  You invest in complete head lice removal and that’s what Elimilice delivers!
  • We price as fairly as possible given the expertise of our staff, the labor-intensive and time-consuming process for complete head lice removal and the specialized non-toxic products used.  We are invested in helping our clients and would never take advantage of a situation when families are dismayed and truly in need of expert assistance.  For those that do not have the budget for Elimilice’s treatment or who really wish to attempt the removal at home,  we sell the product that we use for treatment at a cost that is less than the over-the-counter products available and we also will educate parents on the complete do-it-yourself head lice removal via our hotline for only $25.
  • Whenever possible, in facility Elimilice treatments are performed by one experienced and trained technician and quality control inspected by a second experienced and trained technician during the treatment visit. In this way, two head lice professionals are working to guarantee complete removal of all bugs and nits in one treatment visit.
  • Every Elimilice treatment includes a complimentary follow up head check (within 2 to 7 days of treatment) to ensure there has been no additional exposure to head lice.  Treatment also includes unlimited follow-up head checks for the subsequent 45 days for only $10 per check.
  • When you have been treated by Elimilice, we will dispel the many myths that exist about head lice in the home. We will tell you exactly what you need to do in your home and car and will not try to sell you on home cleaning/sanitizing or other gratuitous services or products.
  • We will educate you and your entire family about head lice (sometimes you’ll have to stop us as it may just be more than you ever wanted to know) and more importantly, we’ll emphasize methods and techniques to reduce the possibility of contracting head lice again.
  • Every Elimilice head lice treatment is accompanied by a 30-day guarantee.
  • We are the only certified head lice removal company in all of Georgia that is A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.