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How to get rid of head lice/nits in your kids hair and know more about its treatment services

No one even wants to think about head lice. However, even cleanest of child cannot avoid bringing home the lice because schools, playgrounds, parties and even day care are the places where children  becomes an easy target of head lice.

Getting rid of lice is very important but chemical usage to kill head lice can lead to terrible problems if it is used more often and that too on a young child. Natural lice treatment not only provides complete cure but also prevents a lice infestation from occurring.

Chemical lice treatment services can be harmful:

At Elimilice, we receive several phone calls a day from parents who have tried chemical head lice treatments, but in vain. Majority of parents have complained that despite using the chemical shampoos, they found nits and in some instances they still witness live bugs in the hair. Many have complained of even being upset because they have reluctantly applied chemicals on their children’s heads considering these treatments would serve as solution to head lice problems.

Why take such risks when safer options are available?

The best way to rid of head lice is through natural lice treatment. One of the best treatments include professional combing. Essential oils are combed through the hair and lice are removed. During the process, the nits are picked out by hand. Though this is possible for parents to do it on their children, the little nits are hard to see and identify.

Treating the lice demands great amount patience to understand and implement the process that works. In addition, removing all nits from the hair is important to completely get rid of the problem.

Services right at your home

Elimilice offers natural nit picking services right at your home. We come to your location to take care of your children’s problem. Our services not only saves you time but also saves your children from facing public embarrassment.

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