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The Answer for Head Lice

Elimilice  provides head lice checks and complete head lice removal in one visit in its treatment facilities and in your home.  The Atlanta-area’s head lice specialist — we do it all.  No need for you to buy products, further comb or retreat.

Elimilice’s staff is dedicated to quickly and efficiently ridding clients of head lice with safe, nontoxic and effective products and methods.

If you’ve discovered your children, you or other family members have head lice, know that you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that between 6 and 12 million people get head lice each year. It is often reported that head lice are the number one cause of school absenteeism, and even our youngest children are vulnerable to these parasitic menaces.

Confused About Head Lice Removal?

Do you really want to tackle head lice alone?Let Elimilice help.

Let our trained and experienced professionals help you through the frustration of taking care of a head lice problem. We have a full team of  technicians so we can treat your whole family simultaneously.  We guarantee our work and are trained in finding and eliminating adult and maturing head lice as well as nits. We will also provide you with written guidelines about what to do in your home and car, answer any questions you may have and help you with prevention in the future.

Elimilice provides natural lice treatment services for your whole family members. We provide treatments in home– Atlanta, Fayetteville, and Athens as well as in our facilities – Dunwoody, and Druid Hills. If you do decide that you would like to combat the issue on your own,  we can also provide head lice treatment assistance about the proper tools and methods.

Head Lice Elimination - Guaranteed!

GuranteedNot sure if your child has head lice? We perform a thorough head check to determine if there are any lice or nits. If a case exists, with your permission, we will resolve it in that same visit!

Our one visit, multi-step lice treatment process involves first attacking living adult head lice and maturing head lice (nymphs) and follows with manual inspection of every strand of hair on the entire head to remove the tiny eggs (nits). Within a week, we then follow up with an additional check to ensure there has been no further exposure. We will also educate you and provide you with written guidelines on how to both deal with head lice removal in your home environment and to prevent future infestations.  Besides a cursory cleaning of your home, there’s nothing else for you to do when you have Elimilice handle the treatment.  WE GOT THIS!